The Company Tsakiris Iraklis & Co. OE is active in the wholesale trade of fresh fruits and vegetables since 1974 with headquarters in the Central Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki at points B-40, 41, 71 .

The third generation of successors at the helm of the company, has combined experience with know-how, taking into account the current trends of the trade, resulting in a dynamic company with new ideas.

The main activities of the company concern the marketing and distribution of Greek domestic products from all over Greece.

It is worth noting that our suppliers are producers, branded cooperatives and traders .

A wide range of Greek products enriches the list so that the fullness throughout the year distinguishes the company in over 30 items.

This enables the creation of mixed loads tailored to the needs of each buyer.

The sales network is spread mainly in Northern Greece and the Balkans , while it is aimed at Supermarkets, grocery stores, flea markets, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and clubs. It also supplies nurseries and clinics.

In imports the company Tsakiris Iraklis & SIA OE cooperates with companies in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, depending on the needs that arise.

The company, with the aim of providing high-quality services, has been implementing a food safety system according to ISO 22000:2018 in recent years.

After all, the main driver of professional activity has been and remains the safety of the final consumer.

In addition, especially for the prefecture of Thessaloniki, there is a “delivery” department , with privately owned trucks of the company, for professionals who do not have a vehicle or time.

The goals of the company are:

  1. Development of new collaborations with the Balkan market
  2. Expansion of the network (purchases-sales) within Greece
  3. Establishing new trade relations with countries of both the Mediterranean and Europe.

Central Vegetable Market B40-41, Menemeni
Prefecture of Thessaloniki, PC 544628

For any information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us by phone:
2310762598 – 6974490072
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