The company Tsakiris Iraklis & SIA OE . has been active since 1974 with the wholesale trade of fruits & vegetables , offering its customers fresh and quality products at the most competitive market prices .

Thanks to consistency and professionalism , the company has managed to be one of the leading companies in the field of fruits and vegetables .

The services of our company are:

  • Trade & supplies of fruits and vegetables
  • Wholesale of fruits and vegetables
  • Citrus sorting (in a private sorting box)
  • Sales network throughout Northern Greece and the Balkans
  • Catering for kindergartens, clinics, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, open-air markets, etc.
  • Creation of mixed loads, adapted to the needs of each buyer
  • Fast service

All these years, the company Tsakiris Iraklis & Co. OE. maintains relationships of trust , with its partners and customers, while being distinguished for its honesty and consistency .

The goals of the company are:

  • Development of new collaborations with the Balkan market
  • Expansion of the network (purchases-sales) within Greece
  • Establishing new trade relations with countries of both the Mediterranean and Europe.

Central Vegetable Market B40-41, Menemeni
Prefecture of Thessaloniki, PC 544628

For any information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us by phone:
2310762598 – 6974490072
or fill in the contact form …